Sunday, February 8, 2015

PE 11 Project #4 - Practice plan assignment

Physical Education 11
Practice plan assignment

Objective:  Students are expected to plan on paper a 25 minute practice plan that could be used for a sport of their choice.

The following sections should be included:

-      Grade/Age of group being taught/coached
-      Topic/Theme of the lesson being taught/coached (please include how your practice will focus on at least 1 tactical goal associated with your sport choice
-      Purpose of the practice
-      Time frame of each part of the lesson (warm-up, skill session, modified game session, closure)  The skill section should be connected to actual modifies game section to follow
-      What will be included in each section?  A large part of this evaluation will be based on how the specifics of the plan are outlined.  Who will run each section, a detailed description of each part of the practice, and exact time frames should be included.
-      Materials needed

Students are expected to type out the practice plan using the format provided on the back of this page.  Student’s final handed in assignment should be written so it can be implemented by any member of our class, to our group of students.

Grade 11 Physical Education
Practice Plan Outline

Teaching Group Members:

Sport Choice:

Game Category:

Desired Tactical Goal Focus:

Physical Set-up:

Equipment Needed:

Skill Development Activity:

Game Experience Activity:

How will your chosen tactical goal be improved on by your lesson?

Closure/Wrap Up:

What worked well and what did not:

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