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PE 11 Course Outline

Park View Education Centre
 Physical Education 11
Course Outline / Communication Plan

Teacher: Mr. Dean McDow                                                          Phone: (School) 902-541-8207
Course Website:                              Email:                 


Physical Education 11 is designed for the student who has successfully completed their Physical Education requirement in grade 10 and is interested in continuing their development of athletic involvement and active participation.  This course emphasizes on teaching games for understanding within four major categories:  invasion/territory games, net/wall games, target games, and batting fielding games. Through participation in a variety of sport opportunities, students will be encouraged to be effective communicators, while working to develop strong interpersonal, decision-making, coping, and self-management skills.  A small theoretical component will focus on further understanding the four major categories of games as well as the issues surrounding sport as it relates to gender, culture, and career opportunities.


- Students will attend class on time with proper gym gear and safely participate to the best of their ability in all classes. Some activities will not require students to change.
- Unexcused absences will result in a class mark of zero for the class in question.
- Legitimate extended periods of absence may be excusable with proper documentation.
- When ill, students are expected to bring a note from home and make up work missed. (See blog)
- Assisting in the set up and removal of equipment is not only appreciated but also expected.
- No food or drink in the gym, with the exception of bottled water.
- Students are not permitted to use any electronic device during class or in the locker room.
- Swearing, inappropriate language, taunting or disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated. Students need to be respectful of others and participate in a positive manner so everyone has the same potential to successfully complete the course outcomes.
- At the end of class, students need to wait inside the gym until dismissal.

Proper Gym Gear Includes:

* Clean, non-marking indoor sneakers that are tied are mandatory to participate! Safety guidelines indicate that participation in sock feet is not an option.

* Athletic clothing: T-shirt or long sleeved, shorts, sweatpants or yoga pants, etc.

* Hats, tank tops, bandanas, jean shorts, dresses, skirts are not permitted. Long hair should be tied back.

* Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and headphones when in the fitness room.


80% - Preparation and Participation (See Rubric Below)            
Teaching Games for Understanding and Life Skills through Sport
1. invasion & territory games       net/wall games          target games             batting & fielding games
2. effective communication, interpersonal skills, decision making, coping, and self-management skills
3. participating in simulated coaching experiences

20% - Theory Component
Sport in Society (gender, culture, & career opportunities in sport)
1. Written and presented projects & assignments
2. Written quizzes related to sports from the 4 different category of games
3. Practical teaching experiences


The best way to achieve a high mark in PE is to participate fully, safely, and respect your classmates, teacher and school. You will be assessed and evaluated for each class this semester, no matter where it takes place and assessment will be done by both self and teacher. The marking system for corresponding participation is shown below.



Gym or Fitness Room
Does not change clothing

Refusal to participate

Unexcused absence
Limited enthusiasm or negative attitude

Minimal participation

Takes numerous breaks
Low level of enthusiasm

Participates casually

Takes extended break(s)
Shows some enthusiasm with positive attitude

Active participation

Appropriate use of breaks
Enthusiastic and positive attitude

Very active participation

Appropriate use of breaks



Insufficient participation or negative attitude

Does not have required materials

Unexcused absence
Minimal participation

Does not have required materials

Does not complete any assigned work
Relevant participation

Has some required materials

Partial completion of assigned work
Meaningful participation

Prepared for class with required materials

Near completion of assigned work

Significant participation

Prepared for class with required materials

Completes assigned work

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