Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PE 11 Project #2 - Sport Analysis Powerpoint

Physical Education 11
Project #2
Categories of Sport - Sport Analysis

Project Type:  Power point presentation (min. 5 slides per sport chosen)
Group size: No more than 2
Sport Selection:  2 of the common sports – 1 from 2 different categories
                                    Exception: 1 group needs to compare baseball vs. softball

Common Canadian Sports

Invasion:                 Football                              

Net/Wall:               Tennis
Table Tennis

Target:                     Archery

Striking/Fielding:           Softball vs. Baseball Comparison

Power Point Information: Students are asked to research 2 sports and be ready to share their findings to the rest of the class.  Information should include:

- Major rules of the game, player positions, scoring, violations, strategies
- History of the sport – where it originated, who invented it, how it came about
- Terminology specific to the sport
- Leagues, major tournaments, number of participants in Canada
- Any other relevant interesting facts

Due following next Theory class

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