Saturday, January 31, 2015

Major Target Sports

Main Target Sports
Curling                                  Tchouk Ball                          Golf
Tactical Goals:
1.   Aim and Accuracy  - To deliver an object towards a target with the right amount of force to successfully reach the intended target

2.   Protect the Target – To place obstacles in the way to make it difficult for the opposition to hit the target

-       A game originating from Scotland
-       4 players throw 2 rocks each alternating against their opponent
-       Games are 10 ends
-        4 rings make up the house – button, 4 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot rings
-       1st thrower – lead
-       2nd thrower – 2nd
-       3rd thrower – mate
-       4th thrower – skip
-       If you score a point you throw first in the next end
-       Throwing last is called having the hammer
-       A rock closest to the middle and touching the rings scores a point
-       A draw – trying to get the rock to stop on a specific spot
-       A raise – hitting another stone to get it to move to a spot
-       A take out – hitting a rock with the purpose to remove it
-       A freeze – trying to get a rock to stop at the edge of another rock
-       A guard – a rock thrown to attempt blocking the rings or a rock from their opponent
-       Canada national championships – The Brier (men)  Scotties (women)
-       A target sport where the purpose is to take the fewest strokes possible to hit a ball into a hole
-       Par – the number of shots that are expected
-       Birdi – 1 shot better than par
-       Eagle – 2 shots better than par
-       Bogey – 1 shot worse than par
-       Double Bogey – 2 shots worse than par
-       4 major tournaments a year – British Open, PGA championship, US Championship, & The Masters
-       Hazards – woods, bunkers, rough, water
-       Tee box (starting point) fairways (landing areas) green (target)
-       14 clubs maximum carried per player
-       3 steps, 3 seconds, 3passes before you must throw at the target
-       Ball must come outside the arch surrounding the target
-       Can not  block throws at the target or passes
-       Teams can attack either end of the court
-       Players can throw from inside the restricted zone but can take off from outside it.
-       Teams score points if the throw they make at the target rebounds and lands on the floor inside the boundary lines.
-       The defensive team must attempt to save the ball from hitting the floor
-       Passes that drop or throws that miss the target are a change of pocession  - roar of the rings top 10