Friday, February 6, 2015

Major Invasion/Territorial Games

Physical Education 11
Invasion/Territorial Games
Major rules


- Down – an opportunity used to gain 10 yds.
- Line of Scrimmage – where the ball starts from
- Quarterback, receivers, running backs, offensive and defensive line, safety, linebacker   
- offside – must stay on your side of the football before it is snapped
- Flag Football – 2 handouts (basic rules, pass patterns, positions, points (touch down, converts, safety), 7 yd rush line, no running zone)


- Two 45 minute halves
- 11 players on the field per team
- goalie allowed to use hands within an 18 yd by 44 yd box
- punt or a goal kick
- indirect free kick (offside, obstruction) and direct free kicks (hand ball, major player fouls)
- strikers, midfielders, backs (defenders), goalie
- penalty shot (direct free kick if foul happens inside the 18yd box)
- corner kick (defensive team kicks ball out over own end line)
- offside – must have 1 player between you and the goalie before the ball is passed through
- FIFA is the international organizing body


- Four 12 minute quarters (professional game), Two 20 minute halves (American college), Four 10 minute quarters (Canadian high school)
- 5 players on court per team
- point guard, shooting guard, wing, power forward, centre
- violations – double dribble, travelling, player contact fouls, shooting fouls
- bonus – if a team accumulates a certain number of fouls, the other team shoots foul shots 
- NBA and WNBA


- Three 20 minute periods
- 6 players on the ice per team
- center, wing, defence, goalie
- teams play shorthanded when penalties are taken
- 5 minute overtime and then a shootout to break a tie
- NHL, AHL, CHL (junior)
- offside – puck must enter offensive zone before any offensive players can

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