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Major net/wall games

Physical Education 11
Net/Wall Games
Major rules


Game Scoring – 1st point = 15, 2nd point = 30, 3rd point = 40, 4th point = game, tied at 40 = deuce, 1st point after deuce is advantage, must win 2 points in a row once deuce is reached to win game

One player serves each entire game.  Serves start on the right side of the court. You always get two chances to serve for each point.  Serves must be diagonal and past the short service line.

Sets are played to 6 games, can not win 6 games to 5, and a set tied at 6 goes to a tie breaker. First player to 7 points, alternating serves 2 at a time


Game Scoring – serve starts on the right side of the court and most go diagonally past the short service line.  If you earn a point you serve next.  Even score serve from the right – odd score serve from the left.

Games go to 21 and you must win by 2

Court boundary lines – Singles – Narrow and long.   Doubles serve – wide and short   rest of game is long and wide


Game scoring – Games go to 25 and must win by 2.  Most games are best 3 of 5 and the tie breaker game goes to 15

Service can happen anywhere behind the back line

Players are positioned by number 1 through 6.  Serving player is #1 and numbers go up in a counter clockwise rotation around the court.  Once the serve is won back players rotate in a clockwise rotation.  On the serve 3 players must be ahead of the attack line and 3 players behind it – players must start in their correct position but after the serve are free to move.

Libero - a defensive specialist – can not go ahead of the attack line

Table Tennis

Scoring – Games go to 11 points – games usually won on best 3 of 5.   Games must be won by 2.

Service – players serve 2 points in a row unless the game is tied at 10 – then each serves just once

In singles the center line means nothing

Ball must start in the open palm and tossed at least 6 inches (16cm) into the air.  Ball must be hit onto the server’s side first and then onto the opponent’s side. 

The serve must take place behind the end of the table – not over top of it

A legal serve that hits the net is called a let and reserved.

Edges of the table are in and the ball can leave the side of the table for a point (not just off the end)

A return must be hit so it passes over or around the net and touches the opponent’s court.

A server can serve to win the game.  There is no actual dead man’s serve


Played on a badminton sized court. 

In the middle back of the court there is a service circle and there are 2 quarter service toss circles at the front corners of the center line.

Net height is 1.52 m for men and 1.42 m for women

Teams have 3 players – usually 2 in front and 1 in back
A serve is tossed by a front court player in their respective circle and hit with the foot of the server standing inside the serving circle

Scoring – games to 15 points must win by 2

Eclipse Ball

Is a combination of volleyball, tennis, and badminton.

Can be played with 2 to 6 players per team

Games go to 21 points

Rules can vary based to create a game that can be played by everyone

A single bounce between hits is allowed


See video

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