Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PE 11 Project #3 - Cultural Sport Powerpoint Assignment

Physical Education 11
Games from around the world

Course Outcome: To research sports from other cultures.

Each group will be responsible to research in detail a sport or game played predominantly in other parts of the world.  The list below has some options but if there are other sports you are interested in just confirm them with me before you begin.

Your research will be included in a power point and should describe an understanding of how the game originated, where it is primarily played, rules of the game, and adaptations that would need to be included to allow us to play the game as a class over the final 3 weeks.  A link to a quality video of the game being played as well as diagrams would also be very useful.

Some possible options could include:

Cricket (England, India, Pakistan)

Korf Ball (Netherlands)

Fist Ball (Greece and Italy)

Net Ball (United States)

Rugby (United Kingdom)

Team Handball (Across Europe)

Buroinjin (Austrailia)

Tchoukball (Switzerland)

Here is a link to a website that may also help in the original search.  Choosing a sport that is not on the list above will need to be approved first before you start further research.  The expectation is that all games chosen would be appropriate for a PE class environment.


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