Thursday, February 26, 2015

PE 11 Project #1 - Category of Sport Powerpoint

Physical Education 11
Group Power Point Project

Objective:  Students will begin to explore a variety of sports and games as they relate to the 4 major categories and describe their understanding of the tactical goals connected to each.
Sport and Game Categories
1.    invasion/territory games
2.    net/wall games
3.    target games
4.    striking/fielding games


1.     Students will form effective working groups of no more than 3 students.  (group names listed in project slide 1)

2.     Students will brain storm an elaborate list of all the sports and games they can think of.  As they come up with their ideas they will place them under the best suited sport category from above. (slides 2 – 5 will each be a slide representing the different games listed in each category) Marks will be based on the extent of each list and if sports are accurately placed in the “best suited” category. (for example slide 2 would be a list of all invasion/territory games you could think of)

3.     The next 4 remaining slides will be organized by the different sport categories. Using each tactical goal description provided on the handout, groups will explain and describe a way in which they could attempt to improve or encourage each tactical goal by using a sport specific example.  Groups can decide to use just one sport or game example from their original category brainstorming slide to cover all tactical goals, or choose a variety of sports to serve the same purpose.  Try assuming the role of the coach who wants to make his/her team and players better - these are how good practices need to be planned.

4.     This project will probably not be finished in 1 class so groups should save frequently.  Group members will need access to the working file even if a classmate is absent so passwords or sharing of the project through e-mail is suggested.

5.     Project will most likely be due at the end of next class

This project will be self, peer, and teacher evaluated after completion and will make up a fair portion of the semester theory mark.  If issues within the dynamics of the working group arise, let me know immediately.  Enjoy!


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